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Smart Levi jackets, Internet Retailing Expo & curvy iPads...

Posted by Rob Loveday on 20-Mar-2017 17:23:54

Bet you didn’t know that April is the global Jazz Awareness Month. Does jazz need awareness?  Or did you know in 1966 that the World Tramps Congress (yes, it’s a real thing) in Argentina decreed that May 2 shall be the International Day of Idleness. Nice. And in the US June is National Iced Tea Month (probably because they can’t make normal tea). Yes, the world and its people are endlessly fascinating and this is equally applicable in the world of tech. Over the next few months rafts of interesting product releases are expected, there are some notable events and Levi is gearing up to launch a smart jacket. How long before it’s hacked?

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How will the Snoopers’ Charter affect your B2B tech business?

Posted by Steven Russo on 27-Feb-2017 18:00:06

When the Investigatory Powers Act (2016) replaced the  Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 last November, most of the coverage revolved around the impact the so called ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ would have on individuals’ privacy.

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'R' is for Relationships

Posted by Elvina Soogun on 14-Feb-2017 17:15:14

It’s Valentine’s day but is love in the air? A recent PRCA event entitled ‘Client Satisfaction in a Box’, hosted a panel of tech PR professionals, to debate what a great in-house - agency relationship looks like.

James Bethell, Owner of Westbourne Communications raised a great point, ‘five years ago, we were measuring this relationship by how often we were having lunch together’. Today, a survey across the PRCA membership highlighted what clients were really looking for from their agency partners: strategic guidance, idea generation and an extension of their team.   

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Does your Big Data CEO know what he can tweet?

Posted by Richard on 10-Feb-2017 16:47:22

Ivanka Trump's father gets The President into hot water. What can big data PR teams learn from this?

I sympathise tremendously with Donald Trump. His beloved daughter, Ivanka Trump’s eponymous fashion and accessories line was dropped by Nordstrum. The retailer cited “poor performance” of the brand as justification, although the liberal press jumped on this as further evidence of Trump’s own unpopularity. It must be distressing for any father to be accused of being a hindrance to his child’s success.

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What can B2B Marketing learn from Super Bowl Ads?

Posted by Steven Russo on 08-Feb-2017 14:06:27

It’s considered advertising’s night of nights. An evening where the super powers of the commercial world present the centrepieces of their marketing campaigns.

No, we’re not talking about an awards ceremony. We’re talking about Super Bowl night, where advertising agencies carry as much expectation on their collective shoulders as the players on the football field.

 When else is a company going to have the opportunity to advertise directly to 111.3million pairs of eyes?

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12 small years, two big changes - February Diary

Posted by Rob Loveday on 01-Feb-2017 18:07:02

In tales of yore the month of February marked the forward momentum of the seasonal procession hinting at the return of spring. Intriguingly the ancient Celts lit fires made of bone (whose?) to mark the return of the sun’s light to frozen lands. In tales of the present February has born witness to some of the steepest month-on-month rises in global temperatures, usually marked with tuning into a new Netflix series, as the world nudges forward to a meltdown of sorts.  But how can we mention February without a reference to St Valentine’s Day which funnily enough is also Singles Awareness Day (note the acronym is SAD) introduced no doubt as a corollary to lovers the world over laying down their arms and calling a truce on the day of amour. 

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Creativity is the currency of 2017

Posted by James Ash on 26-Jan-2017 11:02:39

There is an old adage that only time buys you experience, and there is certainly no substitute for experience in the agency space. However, over the last five years, as the technology industry has rapidly accelerated and re-invented itself, there is now perhaps an element that agencies require in equal measure – creativity.

It is therefore positive to hear that PR heavy-weight Burson-Marsteller, part of Sir Martin Sorrel’s WPP stable, has hired former Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Digital Creative Director Tom Eslinger as its first global chief creative, officer tasked with the goal of integrating strategy, planning and analytics to drive creative ideas.

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Are B2B marketers missing a trick in 2017?

Posted by James Ash on 18-Jan-2017 16:46:19

A new year represents far more than simply diets, gym memberships and resolutions. To marketers it offers both challenges, and a chance to elevate their brands to new heights. 

2017 has already produced a couple of interesting takeaways for marketers to take note of; not least the fact that only 45% of B2B marketers who have adopted marketing automation (MA) are only using its core features, with just 2% achieving its full potential.

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Brexit blues? Not a chance in London’s tech sector

Posted by James Ash on 13-Jan-2017 12:41:53

The Brexit vote on the 23rd June didn’t trigger the economic apocalypse that many at the BoE, captains of business and academics predicted. Although Sterling may have taken a bit of a mauling on the FOREX floors, this has inadvertently served to provide unlooked for trade opportunities, and earlier this week, the Governor of the BoE, Mr Carney, actually upgraded the UK’s growth forecasts for 2017.

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Celebrating the iconic iPhone at 10…

Posted by James Ash on 10-Jan-2017 12:27:51

August 6th 1945 & the 9th November 1989 are dates that changed the world. For those of you who aren’t history buffs, they represent the dates the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Nagasaki and the day the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. It’s not often that you can pinpoint a single date that changes the world, but these two are such dates – as is the 9th January 2007. 

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