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Which UK B2B Tech Journalist should you be talking to?

Posted by Richard on 18-May-2018 12:53:00

Who are the UK’s B2B Tech Journalists and Analysts that should be on your media list?

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Is Your B2B brand brave enough to lean in?

Posted by Richard on 30-Apr-2018 07:58:00

Does your brand stay out of trouble and avoid expressing opinions that may cause offence? Is a neutral position on political, environmental, social, technological, legal or economic issues still really the best strategy for a B2B brand? Is staying above the fray a safe space?

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Posted by Richard on 16-Apr-2018 13:47:00

Saying sorry is a hard, complicated and important process that normally is only necessary at times of extreme stress. Whilst I sincerely hope that none of Champion's clients ever find themselves in a situation where they have to apologise, it is inevitable that things will one day go wrong, and it is up to the spokespeople and comms teams to get the apology right. There is a lot of "Sorry" going around at the moment. Here are four examples of apology statements for comparison purposes. 

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Does your Big Data CEO know what he can tweet?

Posted by Richard on 10-Feb-2017 16:47:22

Ivanka Trump's father gets The President into hot water. What can big data PR teams learn from this?

I sympathise tremendously with Donald Trump. His beloved daughter, Ivanka Trump’s eponymous fashion and accessories line was dropped by Nordstrum. The retailer cited “poor performance” of the brand as justification, although the liberal press jumped on this as further evidence of Trump’s own unpopularity. It must be distressing for any father to be accused of being a hindrance to his child’s success.

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Trump wants to talk big data with you

Posted by Richard on 19-Dec-2016 12:54:52

Big data  has a date with Trump

How do you prepare your CEO for a meeting with President Elect Trump? That was the subject of conversation when I had breakfast with an ex colleague this weekend. I haven’t seen her for a while on the basis that she has recently taken a big job as the head of comms. for one of the world’s largest big data technology companies, and is never in the same place for more than three days.

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The pressure to deliver more B2B Leads...

Posted by Richard on 21-Jul-2016 10:20:08

A report just published by B2B marketing* canvassed the opinions of 100 mid-senior-level B2B marketers.  When asked: 'to what extent is the marketing department under pressure from executive management to produce a greater quantity of leads?', 85 per cent of respondents said it was either a significant or the single greatest pressure facing the department. 

It would seem that this pressure to deliver a high volume of leads has a number of unwanted repercussions, most notably, a dilution of quality. According to the same study, poor initial qualification is the most common factor that prevents leads from becoming revenue generating opportunities

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What should B2B marketers do post Brexit?

Posted by Richard on 29-Jun-2016 11:30:00

With all hell breaking loose in the post Brexit referendum, the news agenda in the UK and further afield has been dominated by questions of 'Why?', 'How the heck?' and 'What next?'

From a B2B marketing perspective, the need for leads doesn’t stop because Nigel Farage doesn’t like Angela Merkel. Sales teams still have targets and businesses need to find opportunity in chaos.

So where are the opportunities for B2B brands and what can inbound marketing and PR teams do to ensure their business thrives?

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Blogs I love as a B2B marketer

Posted by Richard on 21-Jun-2016 11:00:00

The world of B2B Marketing is awash with marketing consultancies, PR agencies and marketing gurus telling us how to do our jobs, what we have done wrong, what we are missing out on or mistakes we all make all the time.

The thing is the content published by these guys never really helps. Typically, it seems it is in the author’s interest to highlight a problem I didn’t know I had, make me feel anxious that I am not doing my job as a B2B marketer right. This appears to be an attempt to get me to download their eBook, in return for my email address. It seems the basic process for many inbound marketing programmes is as follows:

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Queen and Cameron say the wrong thing. What should B2B PRs do when spokespeople put their foot in it?

Posted by Richard on 13-May-2016 13:03:31

So after a lifetime in the public eye as the highest profile diplomat in the world, HRH has been caught on camera criticising the Chinese: "very rude” apparently… On the same day, Her Majesty was party to a conversation lead by the Prime Minister, who was openly critical of the Nigerian and Afghan governments, calling them “fabulously corrupt." 

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What is it about ‘innovation’ and B2B Marketers?

Posted by Richard on 26-Apr-2016 11:30:00

Two weeks ago, Cloud Expo Europe reared its ugly head in ExCeL, London, drawing together hundreds of vendors of innovative, secure, disruptive data storage-related products and services, each of them guaranteeing 110% uptime, enterprise-class technology and enhanced business performance that would help you smash the competition. The nirvana on sale is one where businesses can charge ahead of their competition because their data is faster, more stable and therefore able to provide greater insight and control than their competitors’. 

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