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Does PR lead to sales for B2B companies?


People often question the return on investment of public relations and earned media. It is true, traditional PR can be difficult to measure. However, I have prospects telling me explicitly that they have seen our coverage in the media and that made them initiate the conversation. I would say that is definitely return on investment.

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As a salesperson, I used to question the power of PR. After working with Champion, I can testify that the power of well-executed PR is increased reach which drives more prospects into the top of my sales funnel. Often these are prospects beyond my database, and this is exposure I haven’t had to pay for.

Media coverage also serves as a reminder to prospects I had previously engaged with, prompting them to get back in touch. There really is no underestimating the power of third-party endorsement.

Recently, we tasked Champion to generate greater awareness of Tutela and our offering in both the U.S. and Canada, to help support our sales activity in these regions. It is fair to say they have succeeded.

Tutela creates reports looking into mobile network quality in different countries. We provided Champion with our U.S. and Canada reports and they used their industry expertise to shape a story that really resonated with the press in both countries.

 The result was high-quality coverage in the U.S.’s Mobile Syrup and Canada’s Fierce Wireless, both tier-one telecoms publications. This was all within one week of the brief being agreed.

 Within a couple of hours prospects were calling me and registering on our website. I couldn’t believe my eyes: we were now in conversation with every mobile network provider in Canada.

 Champion is great at shaping our story, they truly understand our business strategy. I cannot thank Champion enough, the work they do is really helping accelerate our business.

Most influential technology journalists uk

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