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Does your Big Data CEO know what he can tweet?

Ivanka Trump's father gets The President into hot water. What can big data PR teams learn from this?


I sympathise tremendously with Donald Trump. His beloved daughter, Ivanka Trump’s eponymous fashion and accessories line was dropped by Nordstrum. The retailer cited “poor performance” of the brand as justification, although the liberal press jumped on this as further evidence of Trump’s own unpopularity. It must be distressing for any father to be accused of being a hindrance to his child’s success.

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Who can blame any father for expressing his frustration and feelings of injustice in such a situation? Donald did just that, on his own twitter account. The problem was that this tweet was then retweeted by the President’s own official twitter account. Thus, Nordstrom’s own share price dropped. The political fall-out is ongoing with ethics lawyers commenting on conflicts of interest and press secretary John Spicer being asked: “If the President has time to tweet about Ivanka Trump’s shoe line, why can’t he find time to express sympathy for the attack on a mosque in Canada.”

At Champion we are dedicated to helping big data companies grow through inbound marketing and B2B PR. As such the trials and tribulations of a shoe designer and her father are not normally relevant to our line of work. However, this did prompt me to audit the number of our clients that had up-to-date social media guidelines. The next step, which is underway, is to confirm that all spokespeople and employees are fully aware of them.


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