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How can B2B brands get off-diary media coverage?


Providing journalists with information which helps them generate off-diary stories can be a really effective way of establishing good one-to-one relationships, gaining press coverage and creating a position of thought leadership. We asked our resident, moonlighting tech journalist, Terry (not his real name) to share his perspective on how B2B brands can get media coversage this way...

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What is an off-diary story?

An off-diary story doesn’t come from press releases or other types of official communications. Rather it will typically be generated as a result of exchanges between a journalist and those operating in an industry.

A tech executive could, for instance, offer insight into industry developments, provide comment on a topical subject, speak about how customers are benefitting from his or her company’s technologies, or even proffer a bit of gossip. A consumer might highlight an injustice or a problem which captures the imagination of a writer, or an employee may reveal something about the practices of an industry which the journalist wants to investigate.

Why are they valuable?

Tech journalists specifically value this level of interaction with industry figures. It helps them gain deeper insights into the industry, develop credible contacts and create stories the competition doesn’t have.

Editors value off-diary stories too because it builds the profile of the publication and establishes editorial integrity while the journalist’s individual standing is also enhanced. And as the saying goes a reporter is as only as good as his or her last story.

The benefits for B2B tech brands

Providing journalists with information that helps them develop off-diary stories has a number of benefits for tech brands.

It places a tech company front-of-mind with that journalist and they are likely to make the company a first port of call when seeking comment, or writing up a story, news analysis or feature.

This means the company receives increased coverage in the press and as a result, readers such as potential customers, analysts and other stakeholders become aware of the tech brand.

As such the brand rises above the crowd of competition, attracts the type of interest it is seeking to generate and appears firmly on the radar of potential customers who are drawn to find out more.

Next steps advice

  • Identify which publications you want to target and the journalists who cover your area. Journalists typically have different ‘beats’ and areas of expertise
  • Establish what you can talk about and areas that you’d like to steer clear of
  • If you make a claim, for instance, about an emerging industry dynamic, back it up with evidence
  • Don’t be too self-serving; journalists want to pick your brains and mine your expertise
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative or to suggest topics you feel are worthy of attention; journalists appreciate this, it can give them a fresh perspective

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