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Shout out for B2B PR


Why B2B Marketers need their PR agency more than ever


What a week!

Facebook, a political data analysis company, and a Russian Doctor of Psychology. You couldn’t make it up. Not fake news but a rapidly unfolding story of vast breaches of trust, privacy and profits.

If you have been following the story you will have seen how quickly it ran away from the communications teams. While Facebook hid their CEO for 5 days, putting other senior executives in the firing line on Twitter; The Cambridge Analytica CEO went front and centre making gaff after gaff every time he spoke. He was eventually suspended.

In all likelihood very few of us will be working for a giant like Facebook but are any of our businesses capable of getting caught in a press storm? Absolutely!

The story has taken over and with the ease of publishing content we have all become story-tellers. We are probably posting frequently, and widely. It feels good, we, and our companies, get the dopamine hit of the like, the share, the comment or the follow. We create our own little interest groups like modern pied-pipers whistling along our merry band of followers. Sadly, like the story of the Pied-Piper, we may find that at the end of the road there are rats.

There are three major problems with the media landscape we operate in today:

  1. It is too easy to self-publish and while I am sure we are all diligent content producers, there is little or no editorial control. Someone who checks the integrity of the story, and the audience for whom it is intended.
  2. We broadcast everywhere. OK, we don’t, or we think we don’t. I’m sure everyone has their target personas and is thinking really hard about media strategies to reach them but honestly, I think we have left media targeting far behind and become far to addicted to the results (that’s the likes, shares, follows etc.)
  3. Because this is all so easy to do we may well have parted company with our PR agency. After all, that retainer can fund more content to use more frequently, in more channels. By far, this is the biggest of the mistakes!

In the content driven, self-publishing, multi-channel media landscape that we now operating in. Where it’s almost impossible to tell the truth from the lies. Which is awash with poorly produced, unedited tales of greatness. But where the wrong thing can go badly wrong, very quickly. Now we need our PR agency more than ever.

A good media strategy is not about more content in more channels. In fact, a good media strategy is almost the opposite. It is about exactly the right content in exactly the right channels. It is about critical scrutiny of the story, and most importantly, it is about the relationships with the journalists and the gatekeepers.

Good PR will help you truly understand your media landscape and targets. They will know the people who influence your landscape. They will tell you when your story just doesn’t cut it. And when you have a great story, they’ll help get it into the right channels and in front of the right influencers.

This is an earned media strategy, and in times of fake news, disinformation, and media fire storms, it is the only media strategy you should be following!

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