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Should your B2B PR agency be generating B2B leads?


Lead geneeation for B2B brands


The role of B2B PR continues to change. At a recent event hosted by The Amber Group, representatives from Cisco, Accenture and Dominoes Pizza shared their views on what they want from PR agencies. It was clear that from all three brands, media coverage is not what they buy when they engage with PR consultancies. Media coverage is an important component, but a means to the end, not the end in itself. 

Instead, according to the panel, the impact that PR is expected to have in a B2B environment is now very firmly regarding bottom line impact. Campaigns need to be able to demonstrate that they have led to delighted customers. B2B PR Agencies need to be able to show that they can help B2B brands generate B2B leads. Simple.

A caveat: Very few B2B businesses, involving complex buyer journeys can or should rely solely on one single marketing channel. Integration is the way forward.

This blog post could have been written years ago. It probably was. :) Nothing here is new. However, there are still B2B PR Agency's out there who measure their success on the number of clippings or the quality of coverage that they generate for their clients. These are useful metrics, and may have been set by the client, but frankly they do not tell the whole picture. They miss the most important element; business benefit.

As an industry, B2B marketing and B2B PR, in particular, let ourselves down every time we accept a brief from the CEO or from a client that has media coverage as the ultimate goal. 

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