With trust in social on a sharp decline Davos could see tech giants under more pressure than ever

Posted by Ashley Gerrie on 23-Jan-2018 11:00:00

With trust in social on a sharp decline Davos could see tech giants under more pressure than ever

The Swiss Alps of Davos will provide the backdrop once again this week for the annual 2018 World Economic Forum annual meeting.

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Expert social media content creation drives B2B lead generation

Posted by Steve Bell on 19-Dec-2017 08:00:00

When B2B buyers are looking to make purchases, 75% of them use social media for their decision-making according to IDC.

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Get the digital sales process right and grow B2B lead generation

Posted by Steve Bell on 23-Nov-2017 08:00:00


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B2B brands need to overcome digital inertia to drive success

Posted by Steve Bell on 26-Oct-2017 07:02:00


 Global worldwide management consulting firm McKinsey says moribund organisational culture is one of the biggest barriers to succeeding in the digital age.

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The importance of B2B Blogs for lead generation

Posted by Richard Cook on 10-Oct-2017 07:30:00

47% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative. This is according to the 2016 Content Preferences Survey: B2B Buyers Value Content That Offers Data and Analysis. Hows that for lead generation.

The same survey revealed that 96% of respondents wanted content with more input from industry thought leaders. So what form should this content take? Further surveys point firmly towards blogs.

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It's National Coding Week

Posted by Gabrielle Dunbar on 25-Sep-2017 02:00:00

National Coding Week, a yearly event that serves as a timely reminder for the digital industries to help boost diversity, equality, and entrepreneurship within the STEM work place. While this event may only happen once a year, it functions as a beacon of light in the gender gap awareness process of STEM industries.

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What can B2B Marketing learn from Super Bowl Ads?

Posted by Steven Russo on 08-Feb-2017 14:06:27

It’s considered advertising’s night of nights. An evening where the super powers of the commercial world present the centrepieces of their marketing campaigns.

No, we’re not talking about an awards ceremony. We’re talking about Super Bowl night, where advertising agencies carry as much expectation on their collective shoulders as the players on the football field.

 When else is a company going to have the opportunity to advertise directly to 111.3million pairs of eyes?

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The Economist – Not for finance sake!

Posted by Catherine Bridgman on 09-Nov-2016 09:15:00

Last Wednesday morning, I found myself at a Gorkana media briefing event fronted by a dynamic duo plucked from one of the most successful monthly magazines in the world.

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The pressure to deliver more B2B Leads...

Posted by Richard on 21-Jul-2016 10:20:08

A report just published by B2B marketing* canvassed the opinions of 100 mid-senior-level B2B marketers.  When asked: 'to what extent is the marketing department under pressure from executive management to produce a greater quantity of leads?', 85 per cent of respondents said it was either a significant or the single greatest pressure facing the department. 

It would seem that this pressure to deliver a high volume of leads has a number of unwanted repercussions, most notably, a dilution of quality. According to the same study, poor initial qualification is the most common factor that prevents leads from becoming revenue generating opportunities

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5 tips for news hi-jacking that doesn’t involve floating things down the Thames

Posted by Rich Went on 28-Jun-2016 12:33:48

The past few weeks have seen a great deal of hi-jacking the news agenda, particularly in the lead up to the EU referendum.

This culminated in Nigel Farage, accompanied by a veritable armada of fishermen, sailing flotillas down the Thames to highlight the ‘plight’ of the fishing industry in the UK, as ‘caused’ by the EU.

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