Successful news-jacking leads to coverage

Posted by Adam George on 15-May-2018 09:00:00

The word “newsjacking” may sound a little sinister – but in fact is a powerful tool that brands can utilise to elevate their profile and demonstrate industry thought leadership, credibility and relevance. It is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of any PR campaign, and one of the most effective. I spend a good portion of my working week news-jacking and then enjoying the praise of delighted clients who can't quite believe that they have earned a voice in a national newspaper.


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Is there such a thing as bad publicity?

Posted by Phiil on 24-Apr-2018 17:13:12


Another week, another person unwittingly falls foul of the internet mob.  This time an unfortunate executive from PR firm Weber Shandwick who managed to turn an otherwise routine promotional ‘week in the life’ blog into a PR disaster by, seemingly, channeling David Brent from ‘The Office’.

I won’t dwell on the details, (if you’re interested you can see the story in full here), but to give you a flavour of the tone – the final entry for Tuesday reads:

 “Last thought of the day, Syria..”.

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Successful B2B digital evolution requires expert help from outside

Posted by Steve Bell on 05-Dec-2017 08:00:00
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How B2B brands can make sure their content marketing hits the mark

Posted by Steve Bell on 28-Nov-2017 08:00:00


Producing customer-focused content is a foundational stone for successful inbound marketing. The golden content creation rule to increase B2B lead generation is to ensure the content is specifically attracting customers and helping close sales.

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New Call-to-action

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Outbound or inbound? Getting launch strategies right

Posted by Steve Bell on 02-Nov-2017 08:00:00


 If a company doesn’t have a deep and insightful understanding of its customers, potential B2B leads, market and the competitive situation, a product or new service launch is likely to fail, says McKinsey.

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3 things B2B tech PR professionals and marketers can learn from Beyonce

Posted by Ashleigh Roberts on 25-May-2016 10:30:00

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you’ll know that Beyonce’s eagerly anticipated sixth album, Lemonade, is dominating the media. It has been described by Rollingstone Magazine as her “most powerful, ambitious statement yet”. The Telegraph referred to it as “a work of focused brilliance” and The Guardian, applauded “it’s furious glory of a women scorned”.

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Why a back to basics approach works best for B2B brands on social media

Posted by Sunny Gun on 14-Apr-2016 11:30:00

With more and more of B2B marketing budgets going towards social media activities, it’s important to ensure social media activity is monitored, published and reported effectively. Often, a lot of effort goes in to crafting social posts, sourcing images, creating videos, producing infographics – but how can B2B marketers ensure their strategy is more than just social for social’s sake?

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Gems B2B specialists can steal from B2C marketers

Posted by Elvina Soogun on 01-Apr-2016 11:57:18

It’s a widely held premise that there are some clear differences between B2C and B2B marketing. Central to this is the idea that B2B purchases are believed to be based almost entirely on logic while for B2C these are more likely to stem from personal emotion. B2B buyer journeys also tend to be longer than in B2C and involve more than one decision maker.

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10 reasons to sack B2B Marketers telling you to be disruptive

Posted by Richard on 14-Mar-2016 11:30:00

This morning, Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor at The Register, published an article on LinkedIn entitled: '20 companies have pitched me "disruption" already in March. Do you dare to be the 21st?'. I was faced with this just last week. A global B2B marketer proudly showed me the powerpoint that her brand marketing consultancy had put together, using stock images and the Times New Roman font. The irony of which was lost on everyone else it seems.

We all knew it was going to happen. The question was when. I think it was slide four when the whole page was put in front of a virtual audience gathered across a webinar spanning the Atlantic. On this page was one word: "Disruptive."

This brand and its team had been told that it needed, wanted, had to be disruptive. Disrupt or die.

As a B2B marketing consultant that integrates earned media with inbound marketing, I believe the term "Disruptive Technology" should be banned. Any agency that tells you that you need to be disruptive, or even allows you to wander down that path, needs to be sacked on the spot for gross misconduct. Any B2B marketers who fall for this are probably not qualified to help your business grow.

Below are 10 reasons why:

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Good news for US B2B Brands looking to invest in the UK

Posted by Richard on 01-Mar-2016 11:00:00

At $1.39 to the pound, sterling is now at a seven-year low against the dollar. This is terrible for those earning pounds and spending in dollars, but great news for those on the other side of the Atlantic who are looking to invest in Great Britain.

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