Winner in annual innovative tech survey driven by tech PR

Posted by Steve Bell on 30-Nov-2017 08:30:00
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Earned media helps B2B lead generation take off

Posted by Steve Bell on 07-Nov-2017 08:00:00


Southwest Airlines is a major US airline based in Texas. It’s clearly not a B2B tech brand or in the business of B2B lead generation but its use of inbound marketing is a case study in how to leverage value from earned media, digital PR and content marketing for all types of businesses.

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Outbound or inbound? Getting launch strategies right

Posted by Steve Bell on 02-Nov-2017 08:00:00


 If a company doesn’t have a deep and insightful understanding of its customers, potential B2B leads, market and the competitive situation, a product or new service launch is likely to fail, says McKinsey.

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Upcoming UK B2B Tech Awards: November 2015

Posted by Richard on 20-Oct-2015 10:01:00

Last week, we launched our live UK B2B Tech Industry Awards Tracker, aimed at helping B2B marketing departments keep track of awards programs, deadlines and submission details.

Over the next month, we’ll see a number of awards announced and submission deadlines close. We’ve summarised some of the highlights below.

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