B2B lead generation is driven from the top

Posted by Steve Bell on 22-Nov-2017 12:00:00
We recently reported on McKinsey research that revealed why B2B tech brands have difficulty in successfully leveraging digital channels which in turn hampers successful B2B lead generation.

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B2B tech brands struggle with digital sales – but this can be turned around

Posted by Steve Bell on 16-Nov-2017 08:00:00

According to McKinsey B2B tech brands have more difficulty in successfully leveraging digital channels and generating B2B leads than their B2C counterparts. In fact, the bar is set higher for a number of reasons including:

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The pressure to deliver more B2B Leads...

Posted by Richard on 21-Jul-2016 10:20:08

A report just published by B2B marketing* canvassed the opinions of 100 mid-senior-level B2B marketers.  When asked: 'to what extent is the marketing department under pressure from executive management to produce a greater quantity of leads?', 85 per cent of respondents said it was either a significant or the single greatest pressure facing the department. 

It would seem that this pressure to deliver a high volume of leads has a number of unwanted repercussions, most notably, a dilution of quality. According to the same study, poor initial qualification is the most common factor that prevents leads from becoming revenue generating opportunities

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Using social media and content marketing to accelerate B2B lead generation

Posted by Elvina Soogun on 23-Jun-2016 12:51:49

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Lead generation is the marketing process of capturing and stimulating interest in a service or product in order to establish a sales pipeline. With that said, B2B lead generation continues to be a bewildering mystery to so many marketers today. How do we as marketers generate leads in a modern environment where attracting buyers’ attention is getting harder everyday? Let’s look at a few tactics B2B marketers can use across content and social to generate leads. 

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How to create a compelling B2B customer case study

Posted by Lauren Hill on 17-Mar-2016 11:00:00

Customer case studies are an effective marketing tool. By showcasing your company through the voice of your customers, who have directly benefitted from your product or service, they are able to tell a much stronger and trusted story on your behalf.

When done properly, a powerful case study can generate leads for the business and raise brand awareness. It can be used as a testimonial on your company website , to generate media coverage, as social media content, event collateral, as well as in new business meetings and pitches.

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10 reasons to sack B2B Marketers telling you to be disruptive

Posted by Richard on 14-Mar-2016 11:30:00

This morning, Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor at The Register, published an article on LinkedIn entitled: '20 companies have pitched me "disruption" already in March. Do you dare to be the 21st?'. I was faced with this just last week. A global B2B marketer proudly showed me the powerpoint that her brand marketing consultancy had put together, using stock images and the Times New Roman font. The irony of which was lost on everyone else it seems.

We all knew it was going to happen. The question was when. I think it was slide four when the whole page was put in front of a virtual audience gathered across a webinar spanning the Atlantic. On this page was one word: "Disruptive."

This brand and its team had been told that it needed, wanted, had to be disruptive. Disrupt or die.

As a B2B marketing consultant that integrates earned media with inbound marketing, I believe the term "Disruptive Technology" should be banned. Any agency that tells you that you need to be disruptive, or even allows you to wander down that path, needs to be sacked on the spot for gross misconduct. Any B2B marketers who fall for this are probably not qualified to help your business grow.

Below are 10 reasons why:

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Black Friday from a B2B PR agency's perspective

Posted by Richard on 23-Nov-2015 10:58:50


Black Friday stories started today, and B2B PR agencies across the country are scouring the media to see if their stats or research have made the grade.

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Should your B2B PR agency be generating B2B leads?

Posted by Richard on 09-Nov-2015 12:05:57



The role of B2B PR continues to change. At a recent event hosted by The Amber Group, representatives from Cisco, Accenture and Dominoes Pizza shared their views on what they want from PR agencies. It was clear that from all three brands, media coverage is not what they buy when they engage with PR consultancies. Media coverage is an important component, but a means to the end, not the end in itself. 

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Tips for generating more qualified B2B leads for your sales team

Posted by Sophie Lewis on 18-Sep-2015 09:52:02

Richard and I had the privilege of attending Hubspot’s Inbound conference in Boston last week, along with 14,000 other marketing and communications professionals from a wide range of organisations, both in-house and agency-side. The week was jam-packed with inspiring and practical workshops and keynotes.

While many topics were discussed, one theme resonated especially with what we’re experiencing and hearing from our clients: B2B marketing teams are under a greater amount of pressure to prove ROI and provide qualified leads to their sales teams.

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Why language is key in the B2B inbound marketing mix

Posted by Rob on 16-Sep-2015 10:03:00

As more CMOs and B2B marketers embrace inbound marketing and PR, it’s easy to get excited about the potential benefits of creating a podcast, eBook or blog. In recent years, we’ve become acutely aware of the potential benefits associated with inbound campaigns – from building stronger engagements with target markets, to attracting and converting qualified leads.

However, what is often overlooked is that the success of any inbound strategy can hinge on one critical aspect – language choice.

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