Are B2B marketers missing a trick in 2017?

Posted by James Ash on 18-Jan-2017 16:46:19

A new year represents far more than simply diets, gym memberships and resolutions. To marketers it offers both challenges, and a chance to elevate their brands to new heights. 

2017 has already produced a couple of interesting takeaways for marketers to take note of; not least the fact that only 45% of B2B marketers who have adopted marketing automation (MA) are only using its core features, with just 2% achieving its full potential.

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"A high-res image, please?" - why a picture can be worth more than a thousand words in tech PR

Posted by Sophie Lewis on 12-Apr-2016 11:00:00

When it comes to PR, good photography is so important but is often overlooked by in-house marketing and communication teams. You’d be surprised by how much a great high-res image could increase your chances of securing coverage – and quality print coverage at that.

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Apparently, “marketers are flexing muscles and growing businesses”

Posted by Richard on 05-Apr-2016 11:00:00

Management consultancy, McKinsey, has published details of a study which has found that “marketers are beginning to embrace their primary role: driving business growth.” I’d link to it but the publication is on the brilliant, free McKinsey App which you should download.

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Gems B2B specialists can steal from B2C marketers

Posted by Elvina Soogun on 01-Apr-2016 11:57:18

It’s a widely held premise that there are some clear differences between B2C and B2B marketing. Central to this is the idea that B2B purchases are believed to be based almost entirely on logic while for B2C these are more likely to stem from personal emotion. B2B buyer journeys also tend to be longer than in B2C and involve more than one decision maker.

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How to create a compelling B2B customer case study

Posted by Lauren Hill on 17-Mar-2016 11:00:00

Customer case studies are an effective marketing tool. By showcasing your company through the voice of your customers, who have directly benefitted from your product or service, they are able to tell a much stronger and trusted story on your behalf.

When done properly, a powerful case study can generate leads for the business and raise brand awareness. It can be used as a testimonial on your company website , to generate media coverage, as social media content, event collateral, as well as in new business meetings and pitches.

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10 reasons to sack B2B Marketers telling you to be disruptive

Posted by Richard on 14-Mar-2016 11:30:00

This morning, Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor at The Register, published an article on LinkedIn entitled: '20 companies have pitched me "disruption" already in March. Do you dare to be the 21st?'. I was faced with this just last week. A global B2B marketer proudly showed me the powerpoint that her brand marketing consultancy had put together, using stock images and the Times New Roman font. The irony of which was lost on everyone else it seems.

We all knew it was going to happen. The question was when. I think it was slide four when the whole page was put in front of a virtual audience gathered across a webinar spanning the Atlantic. On this page was one word: "Disruptive."

This brand and its team had been told that it needed, wanted, had to be disruptive. Disrupt or die.

As a B2B marketing consultant that integrates earned media with inbound marketing, I believe the term "Disruptive Technology" should be banned. Any agency that tells you that you need to be disruptive, or even allows you to wander down that path, needs to be sacked on the spot for gross misconduct. Any B2B marketers who fall for this are probably not qualified to help your business grow.

Below are 10 reasons why:

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What B2B marketers need to know about the Brexit debate

Posted by Zeeshan Goburdhun on 11-Mar-2016 11:30:00

The Brexit story is dominating the UK news agenda across print, online, blogs, social media and broadcast. This once in a lifetime referendum will undoubtedly have a huge impact on UK businesses, especially within the tech space.

Our tech industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, bringing a variety of global talent and investment to the UK. The London fintech scene alone accounted for about 25 per cent of London-based funding for tech companies in 2015.

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Why are B2B marketers still dragging their feet when it comes to digital?

Posted by Sophie Lewis on 08-Mar-2016 15:00:00

Most B2B marketers will be able to recite this stat backwards: over 70% of business buyers will do more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase (Forrester).

However, a new report from Forrester shows that despite this knowledge, B2B marketing professionals are still relying on more traditional offline tactics such as events to sway buyers.

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How to secure a CEO appearance on CNBC International

Posted by Lauren Hill on 05-Feb-2016 11:30:00

Business news has made its way onto the mainstream agenda, and its here to stay. This is just one of the many key messages that I took away from a Gorkana breakfast briefing with financial and business news outlet, CNBC International  last week.

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Have you got what it takes to be a Champion?

Posted by Lauren Hill on 19-Jan-2016 11:30:00


It’s that time of year when final-year undergraduates from universities all over the country will be thinking about what to do after graduation. The careers fairs are undoubtedly setting up their stands in your sports hall, parents are offering advice, and practically everyone is asking about your plans. With so much information out there, and with probably little, if any, professional work experience, the prospect of life after graduation may feel a little daunting.

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