Does PR lead to sales for B2B companies?

Posted by Tom Luke on 23-May-2018 17:07:31

People often question the return on investment of public relations and earned media. It is true, traditional PR can be difficult to measure. However, I have prospects telling me explicitly that they have seen our coverage in the media and that made them initiate the conversation. I would say that is definitely return on investment.

Most influential technology journalists uk

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Successful news-jacking leads to coverage

Posted by Adam George on 15-May-2018 09:00:00

The word “newsjacking” may sound a little sinister – but in fact is a powerful tool that brands can utilise to elevate their profile and demonstrate industry thought leadership, credibility and relevance. It is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of any PR campaign, and one of the most effective. I spend a good portion of my working week news-jacking and then enjoying the praise of delighted clients who can't quite believe that they have earned a voice in a national newspaper.


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Is there such a thing as bad publicity?

Posted by Phiil on 24-Apr-2018 17:13:12


Another week, another person unwittingly falls foul of the internet mob.  This time an unfortunate executive from PR firm Weber Shandwick who managed to turn an otherwise routine promotional ‘week in the life’ blog into a PR disaster by, seemingly, channeling David Brent from ‘The Office’.

I won’t dwell on the details, (if you’re interested you can see the story in full here), but to give you a flavour of the tone – the final entry for Tuesday reads:

 “Last thought of the day, Syria..”.

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How to prepare a B2B spokesperson for an interview

Posted by Adam George on 24-Jul-2017 16:18:56

When a spokesperson is set to take part in an interview the focus is on ensuring that the correct message is put out there. It’s clearly important and the reason for press interviews. But there are other factors to consider that can make this much easier and also create a sense of receptivity to you on the part of the journalist. 

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Building relationships with B2B journalists

Posted by Lauren Hill on 20-Jul-2017 11:46:49

Sometimes it’s possible to think all you need to do is send a communication to a journalist and there will be some form of coverage. If only it was that simple.

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How to measure B2B media coverage

Posted by Elvina Soogun on 12-Jul-2017 11:17:01

Measuring the value of B2B media coverage using traditional criteria such as the number of press articles no longer adds value to marketing campaigns. Rather, it can skew perspectives and lead to the wrong conclusions.

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Editorial news hooks for the months ahead

Posted by Rob Loveday on 19-Jun-2017 17:25:59

Every quarter we publish a range of news hooks which might be of use for B2B brands looking to generate earned media. Some of them are more obscure than others but all of them can be used to create the all important "Why Now" factor for your story, with a ittle creativity: 

July was named by the Roman Senate in honour of the Roman general, Julius Caesar, it was the month of his birth; August was so named after Augustus Caesar because he had knack of defeating many enemies of Rome during this month when it was known as Sextilis and September got its moniker because in the original Roman calendar it was the seventh month of the year rather than the ninth. the Romans bequeathed the Western world quite a lot including possibly the world’s first computer. The complex clock-like device included at least 30 different bronze gears and was housed in a wooden frame decorated with at least 2,000 characters. It was discovered on a sunken Roman ship. We wonder what the characters said; ‘Thank Jupiter for summer holidays?’

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FT journalist, Jessica Twentyman, shares 3 top tips for compelling B2B content marketing

Posted by Catherine Bridgman on 12-Jun-2017 11:49:16

We recently caught up with esteemed tech journalist, Jessica Twentyman, who writes for the likes of the Financial Times, Internet of Business and diginomica. With over 20 years experience in B2B tech journalism, Jessica had lots to say about how the industry and media landscape has changed and continues to evolve. Here are our top 3 takeaways for creating compelling content:

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Generating leads from Infosec

Posted by Richard Cook on 09-Jun-2017 16:46:19

When Jeremy Paxman was booked to appear at Infosecurity Europe 2017, I can only assume that this was before Theresa May had called the General Election to take place in the same week. If he was marveling at how busy he was, he was not the only one. When we attended the event, visitors were queuing up around the block in the rain, and the reception staff gave me a name badge of another Richard Cook, they were so overwhelmed. My namesake was a senior IT professional from a well-known brand, which meant that I was much more popular in the exhibition hall then I had a right to be. You should see the swag that I bagged!

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The value of thought leadership in B2B technology brands

Posted by Catherine Bridgman on 24-Apr-2017 10:00:00

The life of a B2B IT decision maker is increasingly complex. They have to make big buying decisions that have business critical implications, and they often have smaller budgets and less time in which to act.

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