Which UK B2B Tech Journalist should you be talking to?

Posted by Richard on 18-May-2018 12:53:00

Who are the UK’s B2B Tech Journalists and Analysts that should be on your media list?

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Driving product sales with a content marketing agency

Posted by Steve Bell on 09-Nov-2017 08:00:00


More than 25 percent of total revenue and profits across industries, including the tech sector, comes from the launch of new products, according to a McKinsey survey.

Yet despite this, and increasing year-on-year R&D spend, McKinsey says its research reveals that more than 50 percent of all product launches fail to hit business targets.

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How can B2B brands build trust?

Posted by Richard Cook on 24-Oct-2017 09:00:00

Research by the Economist Group, in association with Flagship Consulting, discovered that more than nine in ten marketers still include sales messages in their content.

It further says that these sales-led marketing strategies mean too many B2B brands are missing the mark on how to execute content marketing effectively and build brand trust...

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