Owning Opportunities: Media training and interview prowess

Posted by Anna Fazakerley on 14-Nov-2018 12:25:56

We often conduct media training for our clients and this week we finished a series of workshops with one client. During these sessions it’s helpful to show examples of interview best practice, as well as the times where spokespeople don’t quite hit their key messages…

Here are 3 examples from the past few weeks which demonstrate the good, bad and the ugly of media engagements.

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6 B2B crisis management takeaways from Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to sing

Posted by Richard on 16-Sep-2015 16:43:00

Newsnight, the BBC’s flagship daily news analysis show, recently featured two stories that would bring most marketing and communication professionals out in a cold sweat.

The first story featured Jeremy Corbyn, the newly elected Labour leader who is attracting significant media interest.

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Why language is key in the B2B inbound marketing mix

Posted by Rob on 16-Sep-2015 10:03:00

As more CMOs and B2B marketers embrace inbound marketing and PR, it’s easy to get excited about the potential benefits of creating a podcast, eBook or blog. In recent years, we’ve become acutely aware of the potential benefits associated with inbound campaigns – from building stronger engagements with target markets, to attracting and converting qualified leads.

However, what is often overlooked is that the success of any inbound strategy can hinge on one critical aspect – language choice.

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4 UK PR risks that US execs and CMOs should avoid

Posted by Richard on 01-Sep-2015 16:25:43

As a London B2B tech PR consultancy working with multiple US-based challenger brands, we often get the chance to work with board level executives and CMOs visiting from the US.

From a media and analyst relations perspective, this can be invaluable, resulting in opportunities to engage third-parties in a top-level conversation – earning endorsement, column inches and relationships.

Traveling across the pond is not without its risks, however. While the UK speaks the same language (more or less) as North America, there are distinct market differences that board execs, and the CMOs advising them, should be aware of.

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5 PR tips for B2B marketers working with brand spokespeople

Posted by Richard on 20-Aug-2015 11:26:06

When it comes to speaking with media, not all spokespeople are created equally. With all the media training and support in the world (and sometimes despite it), some spokespeople just get it and know how to interact with journalists, whereas other don't. This can be a challenge for CMOs and marketing directors, who are often the ones needing to brief spokespeople and deal with the aftermath of their media interactions – whether good or bad.

As specialists in B2B PR consulting here in London (one of the world’s biggest media markets), we have been lucky enough to work with a handful of executives who thrive when it comes to speaking with media. I can almost guarantee that these individuals will be rewarded with the coverage they aim for when speaking to journalists.

Here are five tips I have learned from them, which can be applied by CMOs and B2B marketers when working with spokespeople:

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Tips for B2B tech brands marketing a revolutionary USP

Posted by Rob on 19-Aug-2015 17:01:00

For CMOs and marketing directors tasked with putting B2B tech innovators on the map, it can be hugely exciting to market a revolutionary product or service with a unique selling proposition (USP).

Yet, it can also be an extremely challenging task. When you’re introducing something new – unlike anything else – to the market, people don’t always necessarily know what to think. They may not have a comparative reference point, and if they do, the comparison will likely be inaccurate or misleading.

So what tactics can B2B marketers use to maximise brand awareness, whist maintaining clarity around their business' USP?

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Five tips for B2B Marketers initiating PR in France

Posted by Yucatan PR on 29-Jun-2015 09:00:00

B2B PR in France

Yucatan is a French, independent media and public relations agency specialising in Innovation, mainly focused on IT, Biotech/healthcare and Industry sectors (corporate, B2B and consumer communications).

Targeting media and influencers, Yucatan provides a full range of services from strategic approach to action plans. Champion Communications has worked with Yucatan on a number of B2B tech PR briefs and so we asked them to tell us what B2B Inbound and PR Marketers need to know if they are about to embark on a French PR programme. This is part of our blog series which includes contributions from March PR in the US and HBI from Germany.

In addition to the blog post, after the jump, you may be interested in our free eBook on building a global PR operation. In this, a range of inbound marketing and B2B PR experts from in-house b2b tech and PR communications teams share their views and lessons learned.

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PR tips for global B2B tech brands operating in Germany

Posted by HBI PR on 25-Jun-2015 00:00:00

For CMOs and marketing managers of global B2B tech brands, it can be challenging to implement a globally-minded communications strategy that achieves results in each local media market. For brands operating in Germany, this is no different. Not only does content need to be localised, but there are distinct variables within the local media market that need to be recognised and leveraged accordingly. To this end, it can benefit to have a local team or agency on board that has the local knowledge, expertise and insight to communicate brand messages effectively to local media.

What follows are some key insights from HBI PR that any global B2B tech brand should know when implementing a PR strategy in Germany.

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Owned vs. earned media: the B2B brand journalism debate

Posted by Alex on 28-May-2015 14:01:00

The media landscape is evolving at a rapid rate. Amid the continuing rise of social media and the relative decline of traditional print media, ‘brand journalism' is playing an increasingly important role in shaping the conversation between B2B brands and their target markets.

What is ‘brand journalism’? By definition, it refers to the corporate production of ‘journalistic’ content through a business’ own channels in its various forms. In effect, brand journalism gives a business completecontrol over the content they produce, enabling them to craft narratives and messages that align with their corporate goals.

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5 Great Tools for B2B Public Relations and B2B Inbound Marketing

Posted by Richard on 22-May-2015 11:34:00

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Content marketing has suffered from a painting-by-numbers approach, which sees brands generating content of little or no value or originality. This is partly due to the number of free tools that are available that suggest novel ways to say “How To xxxxx” in a blog post. The result is a lot of content that has very little impact in terms of B2B lead generation, and which pollutes the very channels that B2B marketers are reliant on.

Because of this, I avoid using these type of “fill in the blank” sites. (Actually, I used the HubSpot blog topic generator once, it was easy and the post performed quite well).

Nevertheless, there are some very useful tools that are available to help B2B marketers, summarised below. If you have any others that you think should be on this list, please tweet us @championcomms

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