The fearless B2B marketer or time to stop and think?

Posted by Alan Edwards on 13-Feb-2018 09:00:00

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I was taken aback by a recent announcement. This may have been because of my age, or because I’m a closet luddite? Who knows, but most likely it’s a fear that the world I know is starting to move faster than me! The announcement? The rise of ‘The Fearless Marketer’! It’s the theme for the 2018 Marketing Nation event, held by Marketo.

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Winner in annual innovative tech survey driven by tech PR

Posted by Steve Bell on 30-Nov-2017 08:30:00
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How B2B brands can make sure their content marketing hits the mark

Posted by Steve Bell on 28-Nov-2017 08:00:00


Producing customer-focused content is a foundational stone for successful inbound marketing. The golden content creation rule to increase B2B lead generation is to ensure the content is specifically attracting customers and helping close sales.

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Earned media helps B2B lead generation take off

Posted by Steve Bell on 07-Nov-2017 08:00:00


Southwest Airlines is a major US airline based in Texas. It’s clearly not a B2B tech brand or in the business of B2B lead generation but its use of inbound marketing is a case study in how to leverage value from earned media, digital PR and content marketing for all types of businesses.

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B2B research says collaboration is vital for success

Posted by Steve Bell on 31-Oct-2017 07:00:00


A recent survey from McKinsey reveals that team collaboration makes all the difference in the successful launch of a new product or service.

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How to adapt to the increasing role of social in B2B tech buying

Posted by Richard Cook on 17-Oct-2017 07:58:00

B2B buyers are increasingly making use of social networks for research ahead of final buying decisions.  Marketing Think says 74% of B2B decision makers use LinkedIn to help make purchasing decisions while in the US 64% of B2B marketers use Google+ to distribute content, according to InfinitDatum.

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How can B2B brands get off-diary media coverage?

Posted by Richard Cook on 02-Oct-2017 07:30:00

Providing journalists with information which helps them generate off-diary stories can be a really effective way of establishing good one-to-one relationships, gaining press coverage and creating a position of thought leadership. We asked our resident, moonlighting tech journalist, Terry (not his real name) to share his perspective on how B2B brands can get media coversage this way...

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"A high-res image, please?" - why a picture can be worth more than a thousand words in tech PR

Posted by Sophie Lewis on 12-Apr-2016 11:00:00

When it comes to PR, good photography is so important but is often overlooked by in-house marketing and communication teams. You’d be surprised by how much a great high-res image could increase your chances of securing coverage – and quality print coverage at that.

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The B2B tech agenda: data protection and privacy

Posted by Zeeshan Goburdhun on 22-Jan-2016 11:00:00

The topic of data protection and privacy has been in the media spotlight since Snowden, but other news, in the form of Safe Harbour, GDPR, Investigatory Powers Bill and National Data Protection Day, has pushed it to the top of the news agenda again this month.

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Have you got what it takes to be a Champion?

Posted by Lauren Hill on 19-Jan-2016 11:30:00


It’s that time of year when final-year undergraduates from universities all over the country will be thinking about what to do after graduation. The careers fairs are undoubtedly setting up their stands in your sports hall, parents are offering advice, and practically everyone is asking about your plans. With so much information out there, and with probably little, if any, professional work experience, the prospect of life after graduation may feel a little daunting.

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