Trump wants to talk big data with you

Posted by Richard on 19-Dec-2016 12:54:52

Big data  has a date with Trump

How do you prepare your CEO for a meeting with President Elect Trump? That was the subject of conversation when I had breakfast with an ex colleague this weekend. I haven’t seen her for a while on the basis that she has recently taken a big job as the head of comms. for one of the world’s largest big data technology companies, and is never in the same place for more than three days.

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The role of big data in democracy today

Posted by Elvina Soogun on 20-Nov-2016 20:02:49

Every tech B2B PR can reel off a number of big data clichés. These tend to begin with the statement that ‘there’s more data than there ever has been before’ and end with Michael Dell’s forecast that ‘big data analytics is the next trillion-dollar market’. It’s clear that big data means big business, but what does it mean for politics and democracy today? This blog looks to the 2016 US election to explain.

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Big Bang Data at Somerset House

Posted by Ashleigh Roberts on 12-Feb-2016 11:55:30

 Whether we’re snapping selfies at Southbank,ending emails on the tube, looking for love online or shopping till we drop – data is involved in almost every aspect of everyday life!

In a world with data growing at an unprecedented rate, and IT jargon often alienating the public, the BIG BANG DATA exhibition at Somerset House shows how big data affects and is integrated into today’s society.

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