Is Your B2B brand brave enough to lean in?

Posted by Richard on 30-Apr-2018 07:58:00

Does your brand stay out of trouble and avoid expressing opinions that may cause offence? Is a neutral position on political, environmental, social, technological, legal or economic issues still really the best strategy for a B2B brand? Is staying above the fray a safe space?

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Topics: b2b marketer, reputation, business growth

Apparently, “marketers are flexing muscles and growing businesses”

Posted by Richard on 05-Apr-2016 11:00:00

Management consultancy, McKinsey, has published details of a study which has found that “marketers are beginning to embrace their primary role: driving business growth.” I’d link to it but the publication is on the brilliant, free McKinsey App which you should download.

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Topics: earned media, b2b marketing, business growth