Progress, but not enough. We need more women in technology roles!

Posted by Alan Edwards on 08-Mar-2018 08:30:00

It’s International Women’s day and by any measure 2018 has already been a tumultuous year for women. Light has continued to be shone into the dark corners of gender inequality, whether that’s pay, politics or post Weinstein. And while the exposures create debate, and the debate can create change, there is such a long way to go.

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Winner in annual innovative tech survey driven by tech PR

Posted by Steve Bell on 30-Nov-2017 08:30:00
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Outbound or inbound? Getting launch strategies right

Posted by Steve Bell on 02-Nov-2017 08:00:00


 If a company doesn’t have a deep and insightful understanding of its customers, potential B2B leads, market and the competitive situation, a product or new service launch is likely to fail, says McKinsey.

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12 small years, two big changes - February Diary

Posted by Rob Loveday on 01-Feb-2017 18:07:02

In tales of yore the month of February marked the forward momentum of the seasonal procession hinting at the return of spring. Intriguingly the ancient Celts lit fires made of bone (whose?) to mark the return of the sun’s light to frozen lands. In tales of the present February has born witness to some of the steepest month-on-month rises in global temperatures, usually marked with tuning into a new Netflix series, as the world nudges forward to a meltdown of sorts.  But how can we mention February without a reference to St Valentine’s Day which funnily enough is also Singles Awareness Day (note the acronym is SAD) introduced no doubt as a corollary to lovers the world over laying down their arms and calling a truce on the day of amour. 

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Who’s snooping on who? - January Diary

Posted by Rob Loveday on 28-Dec-2016 13:18:03

January of 1920 was a significant month in history as it marked the formation of the League of Nations. Twenty six years later it was named the United Nations. The mission was to make peace prevail among the nations of earth. They’re clearly still working on it. A bit closer to home, apparently more couples separate or divorce in January than in any other month. Is this the price of extreme hedonistic celebrations over the holiday period, fall outs with the other half’s family or simply a time for reassessment during the coldest day time temperatures of any winter month? 

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Christmas is judgement day for virtual reality - December Diary

Posted by Rob Loveday on 25-Nov-2016 11:03:36

Is December a pensive month given that there is fewer daylight hours this month in the northern hemisphere than in any other month?  A 17th century writer thought so and recommended eating cabbage, onion and roasted apples or pears after meat to counter the “melancholy and phlegm” brought on by this month. In medieval times phlegm meant an apathetic temperament but chewing down on cabbage and onion today might certainly induce some sort of horror. In the tech world there may also be a sense of foreboding as virtual reality vendors look anxiously to Christmas sales, cyber civil liberty warriors weep into their beer (or cabbage and onion?) and hackers probably guffaw at attempts to secure IoT devices.

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Predicting the US election - November Diary

Posted by Rob Loveday on 26-Oct-2016 12:04:36

The chilly embrace of November is upon us. This might explain why hot-blooded Spaniards are more likely to tweet ‘Te amo’ (I love you) this month than any other, according to Twitter. But in the tech world things are heating up, and yes Samsung is playing a part, as the Snooper’s Charter is poised to become law, Microsoft ships its reality-bending hologram thing to the UK and a raft of interesting tech events are set to unfurl.

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Tech girls… have got swag - October Diary

Posted by Rob Loveday on 04-Oct-2016 11:15:04

Welcome to our diary. Each month we put together a list of events that might be of interest to B2B PR's. This can range from product launches to industry events and relevant anniversaries that happen each particular month. We’re also keeping a close eye on legislation that affects tech companies and tech users as well as security issues. The aim is to give B2B PR's a head’s up on industry-wide issues, some of which might normally slip below the radar, but which no less are still important. 

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What should B2B marketers do post Brexit?

Posted by Richard on 29-Jun-2016 11:30:00

With all hell breaking loose in the post Brexit referendum, the news agenda in the UK and further afield has been dominated by questions of 'Why?', 'How the heck?' and 'What next?'

From a B2B marketing perspective, the need for leads doesn’t stop because Nigel Farage doesn’t like Angela Merkel. Sales teams still have targets and businesses need to find opportunity in chaos.

So where are the opportunities for B2B brands and what can inbound marketing and PR teams do to ensure their business thrives?

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Blogs I love as a B2B marketer

Posted by Richard on 21-Jun-2016 11:00:00

The world of B2B Marketing is awash with marketing consultancies, PR agencies and marketing gurus telling us how to do our jobs, what we have done wrong, what we are missing out on or mistakes we all make all the time.

The thing is the content published by these guys never really helps. Typically, it seems it is in the author’s interest to highlight a problem I didn’t know I had, make me feel anxious that I am not doing my job as a B2B marketer right. This appears to be an attempt to get me to download their eBook, in return for my email address. It seems the basic process for many inbound marketing programmes is as follows:

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