Celebrating the iconic iPhone at 10…

Posted by James Ash on 10-Jan-2017 12:27:51

August 6th 1945 & the 9th November 1989 are dates that changed the world. For those of you who aren’t history buffs, they represent the dates the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Nagasaki and the day the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. It’s not often that you can pinpoint a single date that changes the world, but these two are such dates – as is the 9th January 2007. 

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Champion meets The Guardian's Jemima Kiss

Posted by Richard on 13-Sep-2013 13:20:00


The Guardian's Head of Technology, Jemima Kiss

Yesterday morning Champion met with Jemima Kiss, Head of Technology at The Guardian, who discussed her role, life at the newspaper and the future of the title. We got a great insight into her daily routine, the rise of digital and the content and activity on her agenda.

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