Social Politics - @HillaryClinton VS @realDonaldTrump

Posted by Sophia Tupper on 08-Nov-2016 12:24:19

In what seems, in many ways, like the longest presidential campaign in history, today is finally the day. People worldwide are tuning in. Most of whom are fully invested, regardless of the passport they hold. It’s been a wild ride to say the least but if there’s anything that we can all agree on, it’s that social media has played its biggest role to date in politics.

From Hillary’s “delete your account” tweet - which has now well surpassed 1 million interactions - to the many Donald tweets that have left us all trumped and confused (including this bizarre one) - social media has truly driven the agenda for this election.

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What can B2B marketers learn from Alastair Campbell?

Posted by Alex on 06-May-2015 18:06:00

Last week, two of Champion's B2B inbound marketing consultants attended an evening with Alastair Campbell, the Labour party’s famous spin-doctor and PR industry heavyweight. The event was part of a series called “Always Print the Myth” and was hosted by celebrity PR guru, Alan Edwards of the Outside Organisation. As both industry titans reflected on 30 years in PR, politics and popular culture we got a glimpse behind the curtain where world leaders, Girl Power and the People’s Princess were created. 

From the perspective of those of us responsible for building inbound B2B marketing and PR strategies, this may seem an unlikely environment for us to get inspiration. After all, what does Beckham’s sarong have to do with B2B lead generation for a tech company? What we found was that there are some core truths that apply to communicating, whether it is to engage business decision makers or to sway an election:

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