Your B2B PR Agency should talk to you about DeNiro

Posted by Richard on 22-Sep-2015 14:01:42

Why do US spokespeople get it wrong in the UK?


Robert DeNiro has reportedly  fallen out with a British journalist from the Radio Times today, whilst on a press junket to promote his new film, making him the latest high-profile casualty of the cynicism of the British media. The fact that a seasoned and experienced spokesperson, such as DeNiro, could fall foul of a journalist from a publication as gentle as the nation's favourite TV guide, shows that the hazards are real and that anyone can slip up. 

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7 habits of highly effective spokespeople

Posted by Richard on 26-Mar-2014 10:44:29

When it comes to speaking with journalists, not all spokespeople are created equally. With all the media training and support in the world, and sometimes despite it, it seems that some spokespeople just get it and know how to make the most of a conversation with a journalist, whereas other just don't.

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