UK investigative journalism is on the rise again – what does this mean for PRs?

Posted by Ashley Gerrie on 09-Feb-2018 14:00:00

UK investigative journalism is on the rise again – what does this mean for PRs? 

Two major news stories broken in the past month by a British national newspaper demonstrate how the comms industry must increase efforts on crisis management, and business audits for major companies should become a priority. 

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Brexit blues? Not a chance in London’s tech sector

Posted by James Ash on 13-Jan-2017 12:41:53

The Brexit vote on the 23rd June didn’t trigger the economic apocalypse that many at the BoE, captains of business and academics predicted. Although Sterling may have taken a bit of a mauling on the FOREX floors, this has inadvertently served to provide unlooked for trade opportunities, and earlier this week, the Governor of the BoE, Mr Carney, actually upgraded the UK’s growth forecasts for 2017.

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Celebrating the iconic iPhone at 10…

Posted by James Ash on 10-Jan-2017 12:27:51

August 6th 1945 & the 9th November 1989 are dates that changed the world. For those of you who aren’t history buffs, they represent the dates the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Nagasaki and the day the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. It’s not often that you can pinpoint a single date that changes the world, but these two are such dates – as is the 9th January 2007. 

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Truth is the latest technological disruption

Posted by Rich Went on 18-Jul-2016 14:32:22

Truth has greatly decreased in value in today’s media environment, and emotion is now a far more powerful storytelling tool than hard facts.

This was the conclusion Guardian editor, Katharine Viner, came to in her recent treatise on the subject, which placed blame firmly on social media.

There are plenty of examples of this. Last year’s #piggate ‘scandal’ was reported around the globe despite no evidence.  And even though ‘facts’ used by Brexiteers during the referendum campaign were disproved, it did not stop them from being utilised and reported.

But what role has technology played in this ‘downfall’ of reliable journalism?

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Getting the basics right...

Posted by Ashleigh Roberts on 24-Mar-2016 11:00:00
 With the number of worldwide smartphone users predicted to surpass two billion in 2016, more people than ever before will be able to access news at a click or tap of a finger. According to Digital News Report 2015, almost half of online news users across all countries (45 per cent) use two or more digital devices each week for news. A quarter of those users also use their mobile phone as their primary access point. This is a staggering 20 per cent increase on last year.
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B2B tech news of the future

Posted by Richard on 15-Jan-2016 11:30:00

For B2B brands that are looking to engage audiences, whether through earned media, inbound marketing, or an integrated combination of both, I believe that the following events are likely to shape the news agenda in the weeks ahead.

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