Why language is key in the B2B inbound marketing mix

Posted by Rob on 16-Sep-2015 10:03:00

As more CMOs and B2B marketers embrace inbound marketing and PR, it’s easy to get excited about the potential benefits of creating a podcast, eBook or blog. In recent years, we’ve become acutely aware of the potential benefits associated with inbound campaigns – from building stronger engagements with target markets, to attracting and converting qualified leads.

However, what is often overlooked is that the success of any inbound strategy can hinge on one critical aspect – language choice.

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10 signs that B2B inbound marketing is right for you

Posted by Richard on 11-Sep-2015 11:04:03

An effective B2B inbound marketing and PR operation has the potential to transform businesses and marketing departments. But is your B2B brand ready to embrace the shift? This checklist will help you decide whether it is time to make the leap from traditional marketing to a fully integrated inbound marketing and PR strategy:

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5 stats to help sell your CEO on inbound marketing and PR

Posted by Rob on 03-Sep-2015 10:20:27

It is a reality that some CEOs don’t like acknowledging, but spending money is one of the key jobs of any successful B2B marketing department. Whether it is for sourcing and creating content, procuring specialist resources or improving SEO; marketing investment has a pivotal role to play in attracting, converting, closing and delighting a business’ target demographics.

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Is your B2B inbound marketing strategy integrating PR effectively?

Posted by Richard on 25-Aug-2015 09:40:16

Earlier this year, the Content Marketing Institute reported that only 38 per cent of B2B marketers believe their content marketing is effective. This was despite an enormous amount of resources being invested in inbound marketing tactics; with 42 per cent publishing content one or more times per week.

When asked who was responsible for content marketing, the responses were as follows: Owner/C-Level (23%), Product Marketing (19%) and Demand Gen Marketing (18%). The PR team came in fourth place with 15 per cent. Perhaps this is where some of the problem lies?

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5 PR tips for B2B marketers working with brand spokespeople

Posted by Richard on 20-Aug-2015 11:26:06

When it comes to speaking with media, not all spokespeople are created equally. With all the media training and support in the world (and sometimes despite it), some spokespeople just get it and know how to interact with journalists, whereas other don't. This can be a challenge for CMOs and marketing directors, who are often the ones needing to brief spokespeople and deal with the aftermath of their media interactions – whether good or bad.

As specialists in B2B PR consulting here in London (one of the world’s biggest media markets), we have been lucky enough to work with a handful of executives who thrive when it comes to speaking with media. I can almost guarantee that these individuals will be rewarded with the coverage they aim for when speaking to journalists.

Here are five tips I have learned from them, which can be applied by CMOs and B2B marketers when working with spokespeople:

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Tips to help UK B2B tech brands engage US media

Posted by March Communications on 19-Jun-2015 10:01:00

Between myself and our CEO Martin Jones, March Communications has more than two decades of international PR experience, including the roots we established in the United Kingdom. Today, we’re a successful US-based tech PR and communications agency with offices in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco, and by working in both countries, we’ve learned that public relations in the United States is a much different animal than it is in the U.K.

For UK CMOs and marketing managers involved in implementing B2B tech PR in the US, it is vital to understand the PR tactics that do and don’t succeed with local media. Whether you’re looking to keep your PR efforts in-house or outsource to an external PR consultancy, success hinges on getting your team and strategy right.

With this in mind, here are four lessons we’ve picked up from working in both countries that can help B2B tech brands make the jump.

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