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Voice is coming: How will the ‘next great interface’ affect business?


Amazon director Daren Gill recently called voice "the next great interface” reports BBC News. With our lives are becoming increasingly connected, the three most popular smart assistants – Alexa, Google Home and Siri - are already taking root in our domestic settings and voice-controlled services are likely to see a significant boost as a result.

 With the battle well underway between Amazon, Google and Apple to become the digital ecosystems powering our homes, the stage is now set to commence over the war to control the workplace. Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is poised to be a game changer in moving voice assistants from the living room to the boardroom to help with everyday functions in the office, reports Wall Street Journal. AI voice technology has the potential to boost productivity by allowing customers to build private skills to help voice-enabled employees do everything from get internal news briefings to automating meetings, and is already a feature in WeWork’s co-working spaces. 

 With recent revelations on social media companies selling data, however, voice interfaces will need to build trust before they can be fully accepted, and new data will be needed to build behaviour profiles to target users more effectively, reports Louise Kelly for The Conversation.

 What does this mean for B2B marketers? We must stay ahead of the curve to successfully employ this revolution in tech to its full benefit – ‘If consumers are unsure of how that data was collected and used they are likely to reject personalised content’, the article suggests.

 In order to maximise opportunities for clients we must stay on the pulse of how both distribution and consumption habits evolve in the wake of voice-controlled assistants, in order to offer better-tailored content to target audiences. Furthermore, the atomisation of a news story will be more essential than ever, as it gains potential to spread across many different areas including conferences and webinars. To overcome any decline in trust, marketers must ensure assets are distributed across as wide a variety of channels as possible, thus ensuring a long-tail campaign versus a momentary spike.  

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