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What's missing from account based marketing for B2B brands?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAiPAAAAJDUxZDA3MjQxLTA3ZjYtNGQyZi1hNTgzLWVmNTVlNDFlN2IyMg.jpgRecently a large number of our clients and contacts have been talking about developing "ABM Strategies" within their business. If this means nothing to you please stop reading and watch the video of Beetle jumping in a field here.

If, on the other hand, Account Based Marketing is of interest, then allow me to introduce you toJamie Hancox of Buying Time, a UK B2B account based marketing firm that Champion has worked with on a number of integrated projects.

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ABM is simply a very sensible approach to using modern-day marketing spend more effectively, seeing key accounts (where potential revenue is high) as markets in their own right, with many stakeholders, decision makers and influencers - each of whom should be marketed to in a highly personal manner. I buy this - weirdly it's what BuyingTime has been all about for years, but we didn't use the language of ABM to describe it.

Now that our services have been broadened to encompass data, content, events, lead generation / nurture - I am reading many of the blog posts about ABM out there - and it seems to me that the term has been hijacked. Of course, it's been stolen by the inbound marketing software firms to sell SaaS licences to direct sales teams... which I think misses the point of ABM.

UK Account based marketing

Where ABM is being done effectively, the sales function is NOT missing from the process. But then neither is Marketing. Both collaborate effectively, starting with a set of target accounts (often supplied by sales), but then applying jointly develop criteria through which this universe can be refined and segmented.

In our view, ABM is absolutely NOT just about inbound marketing, or indeed Marketing Automation. Personal messages should be delivered in person if at all possible, and whilst digital content has its place, the new business deals that our clients do ALWAYS stem from meeting one another face to face - over a meeting table, at a conference, or at dinner with a partner.

To get to this outcome sales and marketing need to jointly invest both time and budget into these accounts, and specifically within the world of technology - where these relationships can often be fractured - ABM is a great way of achieving success together.

Enough - go back and watch the dog jump. Or download the eblook on b2b lead generation..

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