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Winner in annual innovative tech survey driven by tech PR

Winner in annual innovative tech survey driven by tech PR.jpeg

Brand Keys is a brand research consultancy that produces an annual survey of the top 20 most innovative tech brands.

Its 2017 rankings revealed that Alphabet, Apple and Amazon were voted the most innovative, in that order.

Over 900 B2B buyers were canvassed for the survey, and they also expressed a preference for companies whose products boost marketing, business and sales efficiency.

These preferences are interesting given that on the surface they present a contradiction given that Alphabet gained top ranking.

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Ambitious investments

Alphabet is Google’s holding company and rather than delivering services that boost business and sales it invests in ambitious tech projects across several industries, including technology, life sciences, investment capital and research.

As such you’d hardly think it is top of mind among B2B buyers, instead it seems to be a few steps removed from the concerns of buyers.

That said Google has been clever in its use of digital PR and public relations techniques. Towards the end of the 2000s, Google's image started to change.

Focus shifts to innovation

It was no longer perceived as a benevolent tech giant rather people began viewing it with suspicion because of moves such as trying to create a single privacy policy for all of its services.

Many customers were outraged and believed this would make it easier to sell their personal data to advertisers.

Google isn’t an inherently bad company, but it understood an image problem had developed. However, through the use of PR perceptions have shifted and now Google is equated with Alphabet and far-reaching, potentially life-saving projects it is funding.

Many of our B2B clients ask us about the value of digital PR. As in the case of Alphabet topping the Brand Keys survey it squarely places a B2B tech brand in the minds of potential customers.

And once a B2B buyer is aware of a brand it only requires some carefully targeted inbound marketing to actively engage with them at the point they are considering purchases.


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