Building a platform for global growth

BaseKit provides websites for small and medium-sized businesses that can run on smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. It delivers these websites via a range of hosting, telco and Internet partners.

Since its inception in 2008 the company has carved out a reputation for high-quality, low-cost websites in a fiercely competitive market.

Defining the targets

When the company engaged Champion Communications it wanted to raise its profile among IT directors, resellers and in the telecommunications industry.

One of Champion’s first actions was to identify relevant publications and then integrate public relations with inbound marketing.

The target publications were high profile and tough to engage with and included specialist trade titles, national business publications and small business media.

In terms of specific titles these included among others TechCrunch, the Financial Times, Huffington Post, Real Business and The Whir, a high profile website for web hosting companies and cloud providers.

End-to-end integrated service delivers commercial results

However, with a seasoned eye Champion carefully crafted content and PR activities that met the needs of each publication’s readership.

For instance, FT readers are clearly looking for something different than users of The Whir therefore bespoke content was aimed at each targeted media and dovetailed with tailored PR activities and inbound marketing. The results were immediate and impressive.

Mark Beaumont, Marketing Executive, BaseKit, said: “Following Champion-generated coverage in TechCrunch, the number of unique visitors to our website increased by 145% compared to the previous week.”

Awareness increases, revenues rise

But it’s not just about generating higher number of website visitors. It’s also about attracting potential new customers. Mark Beaumont adds: “Since working with Champion there has been a clear upward spike in the number of visitors and new leads which has translated into more revenue.

“For instance, coverage in the Financial Times led to dramatic surge in website visitors and to a swathe of new customers.”

CEO at BaseKit, Simon Best concurred: “One of the first stories Champion created for us led to a 159% increase in visitors to our website and a 136% increase in the number of new customers.”

Champion worked across earned, shared and owned media and even drove awareness of BaseKit’s global reach with thought leadership pieces in high profile titles.

From local to global

As a result BaseKit has been able to extend its target from the B2C market to the B2B market. “At first our focus was on consumers but by working with Champion we have been efficient and effective in our communications strategy which has led to us penetrating B2B verticals, IT directors and Telco’s while also positioning us for global growth,” added Mark Beaumont.

“Champion are full of creativity and deliver consistently good results which effectively translates into increased revenue. Strategically they have supported us every step of the way, adapting when necessary and establishing our credibility by building a platform for global growth.”
Mark Beaumont, Marketing Manager