From Zero to Hero

DRG is a leading independent distributor of TV content. The company has two strands to its business; it acquires programmes from producers and other content owners and it sells programmes to broadcasters such as Channel 4, BBC and Discovery and other distributors. Ranked among its many successes are programmes such as Doc Martin, Babylon, Top Boy, The Inbetweeners and Heston’s Fantastical Food.

DRG operates in a competitive market and competes on a global platform driven by multi-lingual sales and acquisition teams. When it approached Champion Communications it had a simple objective: support sales acquisitions and bolster its content pipeline.

Nailing targets

Champion’s first step was to mark the tier 1 titles that cover the media and broadcast industries such as Hollywood Reporter, Broadcast and C21 Media and national titles such as The Guardian and Radio Times.

However, rather than starting off by adding to the swathe of press releases these publications receive on a daily basis, Champion set about nurturing relationships with individual journalists.

The logic behind this is simple but it does require an in depth understanding of how journalists operate and news values. Reporters generally want to dig up exclusive stories; it is good for their personal profile and good for the publication. The more exclusive stories a reporter generates the higher their editorial value climbs.

Unrivalled 99 percent response rates

As a result, Champion began offering exclusive media briefings with DRG when an issue with news value was identified, whether it was a ground breaking production set to be released or a significant deal was pending. This even included an exclusive interview with high profile TV production writers Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain.

Over the course of the relationship hundreds of media briefings have been arranged and the response from journalists has been little short of overwhelming. Coverage of DRG in the targeted press has shot up dramatically and today a DRG press release receives an unheard of 99 percent response rate.

A company everybody wants to meet

DRG is now considered an industry thought leader by the press, and journalists now regularly seek out comment, opinion and insight from its key execs. In terms of meeting DRG’s business objectives, when the company now sets up stall at trade shows and key markets attendees beat a path to its stands, from production companies looking for a buyer to TV companies looking for content.

The senior sales team at DRG are effusive about the increased and proactive event footfall, sales and acquisitions have grown and its pipeline today is extremely healthy.

“When DRG came to Champion Communications it was just another industry company, one among many and with a low profile. Today journalists view it as a thought leader and actively seek opinion and comment from senior executives. The change in perspective has led to dramatic increases in press coverage which in turn has led to increased sales and acquisitions, and a much-boosted sales pipeline.”
Patrick Roberts, SVP Sales

“These little ten minute briefings are really useful for us and beef up standard sales stories on our news feed so thanks for arranging.”
C21 Reporter commenting on Champion’s strategy