Centre stage as a thought leader

MobileIron is an enterprise mobility management provider (EMM) that helps enterprises embrace mobile as their primary IT platform in a secure and flexible way. It’s a successful operation but it operates in a market that is deeply competitive, coming up against companies such as VMware, IBM, Citrix, SAP, Blackberry and others.

One of the characteristics of its competitors is the ability to draw on enormous marketing budgets that can literally buy market share. MobileIron didn’t want to take this position; it wanted its technology, customers and industry knowledge to speak for itself.

An authoritative voice

As such, its brief to Champion Communications was straightforward: position it as the number one leader in its market and support sales. Given the inexorable move to mobile computing, one of the first tasks carried out by Champion was to identify issues in the mobile market and leverage this to position MobileIron as an authoritative voice.

In one instance, the UK Cabinet Office raised concerns to local authorities and government departments about the use of unmanaged mobile devices in the workplace and as a result introduced a new PSN compliance standard for local authorities to adhere to. Using customer endorsement from Peterborough City Council and MobileIron’s detailed insight into the issues around PSN and how to reach compliance, Champion quickly established MobileIron as a thought leader throughout local government and the EMM provider of choice, leading the way to compliance for local authorities.

Shifting the narrative

Another initiative was a Computer Weekly hosted webcast with MobileIron and a law firm specialising in government privacy issues. This focused on the legal implications of mobile data leakage and privacy issues, and the requirements on enterprises to formulate bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies accordingly. This was significant because it shifted an entrenched narrative of security to privacy issues which had much greater traction among the target audience.
These are but two examples of a strategy that focused on targeting C-level executives and aligning PR with sales. There are many more, such as Financial Times coverage of BskyB and The Times coverage of Camden Council, both valued customers of MobileIron.

Skyrocketing coverage and sales growth

To say that Champion has helped MobileIron achieve its objectives is a bit of an understatement. Press coverage for MobileIron has sky rocketed with the number of articles dealing with its technology and thought leadership far outstripping that of its rivals AirWatch, Citrix and Good Technology.

This includes coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CIO UK, Information Week, TechWeek Europe and others. It also extends across EMEA with substantial coverage in Germany, Switzerland and other countries. Champion has achieved 77% of coverage in the influential trade media meaning that the MobileIron’s target buyers are being reached on a regular basis.

One of the characteristics of the relationship is the close ties and coordination between the Champion team and MobileIron’s Senior Director of Communications, EMEA Marketing Director and sales team. Apart from the dramatic increase in share of voice and a defining thought leadership position, there has also been a direct correlation between PR and sales growth.

“MobileIron is a leading enterprise mobility management provider but in a market populated by the likes of SAP, IBM and VMware it was in danger of becoming crowded out. A detailed PR strategy targeting C-level executives and IT buyers enabled a dramatic shift. Today, the company is noted as a thought leader, takes centre stage on industry issues, has outstripped its rivals in press coverage and registered significant increased sales activity.”
Clarissa Horowitz, Senior Director of Communications

“Champion came on board and immediately understood our brand requirements and business objectives. Their proactive and tenacious approach has resulted in great results and they fast become a great addition to the family. It’s not every day you get to see your company in the FT and The Times. But for Champion, that’s the standard they maintain.”
Nigel Hawthorn, EMEA Marketing Director