Taking on the big boys

MobileIron is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider that helps enterprises enable mobile as the primary IT platform in a secure and flexible way. The company operates in a very competitive market, competing against well-known companies including VMware, IBM, Blackberry and Microsoft, to name a few.

These competitors all have the power to draw upon very large marketing budgets which can basically buy market share. This is a position MobileIron didn’t want to take, preferring to let its technology, customers and deep knowledge of the industry do the talking.

Taking centre stage as a thought leader

MobileIron tasked Champion to position the company as the number one leader in the market and to support sales. With mobile computing rapidly on the rise, Champion began by identifying key issues in the mobile market and then leverage this to position MobileIron as an authoritative voice.

Champion run a very proactive press office for MobileIron, actively following the news to jump on any stories as they break and get MobileIron into the conversation. In one instance, a think-tank released a study which found 26,000 electronic devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and drones, went missing across Transport for London’s (TfL) network in 2018. Champion moved quickly to offer insight from MobileIron on how lost devices can present a security risk if not managed correctly, leading to a plethora of coverage highlighting MobileIron’s knowledge of mobile security and establishing the company as the EMM provider of choice.

Taking ownership of zero-trust

MobileIron also tasked Champion with positioning the company at the centre of the conversations about a concept called “zero trust”. This concept is a new way for enterprises to secure data by not treating all devices as compromised as hostile. Champion identified the key cybersecurity journalists, and set up briefings with MobileIron’s Ojas Rege, Chief Strategy Officer, to discuss the notion of zero trust and get it on their agenda.

Champion also drafted thought leadership articles outlining the concept of zero trust and the benefits it can have as an enterprise, and placed them in key tier-one IT publications including Enterprise CIO and Information Age. These articles were shared widely on social media, with one grabbing the attention of an Analyst at Forrester and opening up a dialogue between Ojas and the prestigious firm. There was also a piece of coverage in The Times, with Ojas discussing how zero trust doesn’t have to hinder productivity, a great example of targeting the C-level executives and aligning PR with sales.

Skyrocketing sales

Champion has definitely helped MobileIron achieve its business objectives. The amount of high quality press coverage for MobileIron has skyrocketed, with the number of articles dealing with its technology and thought leadership far outstripping its competitors. MobileIron now leads the way in UK share of voice, beating the likes of Microsoft and Blackberry.

One of the keys to this great success is the close relationship between Champion and MobileIron’s Senior Director of Communications, EMEA Marketing Director and sales team. These close ties really enable a media relations strategy that leads to more sales. Apart from the dramatic increase in share of voice, and a defining thought leadership position, there is also a direct correlation between PR and sales growth.