Tutela supports sales growth with proactive media relations

Where nobody knows your name

The team at Tutela had an idea. It involved changing the way mobile network performance was measured by turning everyone’s handset into an anonymous monitoring device. This approach, unheard of and from an unknown start-up, meant the business had to be launched twice. Firstly, to app developers and then,  to mobile phone operators. 

Getting targeted media coverage

A short sharp campaign, targeting app developers, helped Tutela overcome the, “This is too good to be true” reaction, by building credibility and trust.

Then came the commercial part. As a Canadian company trying to break the UK and US markets, whilst growing in its home territory, Tutela needed some specialist PR help to get heard, over the noise being made by its competitors. So, Tom Luke, the vice president leading the sales charge at Tutela, turned to Champion to help him start sales conversations with decision-makers inside mobile network operators.

First on our to-do list: identify 5-10 key journalists in each market and set up meet-and-greet calls with Tom. With the ground prepared, we then sifted through Tutela’s network analytics reports for interesting news hooks, we could share with these journalists to get media coverage in the right places. 

We also took a proactive approach to getting Tutela’s brand attached to major events. For example; we used analysis of mobile internet performance around the Superbowl stadium and the Mobile World Congress conference to get Tutela the media coverage on which providers came out on top.

On the fast-track to business growth

One story we released, about the rural/urban divide in the UK’s mobile network performance, got coverage in The Register that led to an immediate call from a tier-1 UK operator.

Meanwhile, Tutela's coverage on Canadian industry site Mobile Syrup, led to senior executives from mobile companies calling Tom within hours. Within weeks, Tom was in conversation with every mobile network operator in Canada.

As Tom says: “Without Champion, we would have struggled to get a foot in the door with a lot of these companies. The proactive approach to getting our name in front of the right people, has helped us dramatically accelerate our business growth.”