From zero to millions – in five short years

In 2009 Cogeco Peer 1 wasn’t even a blip on the radar. Despite success in its home Canadian market and the US, in the UK it had no presence, not even an office. It did have four sales people though and these were the spearhead for a drive into the UK market, but this was at best a tenuous toehold.

As a hosting company, bringing the power of the internet to organisations, it did have considerable expertise especially in e-commerce and gaming, and therefore lots of potential. But in the UK it was up against tough competition such as Amazon and Rackspace who had both carved out a formidable presence.

In at the beginning

The company engaged with Champion Communications at the beginning. The first thing required was to build its profile. This was achieved with a remarkable degree of success by focusing on news agendas, leveraging current topics and utilising contacts in the press. For example, the effect of the UK financial budget on small businesses and an increasing surge across the business landscape towards energy efficiency, provided opportunities to put Cogeco Peer 1firmly on the media map.

From the FT to the BBC

The coverage was wide and varied, from letters to the editor in the Financial Times to stories in Computing, one the IT industry’s most high profile titles, as well as a wide raft of further publications. This coverage has been a common theme in the relationship. Champion consistently identifies and leverages news topics. For example, the Edward Snowden revelations led to coverage on the BBC for Cogeco Peer 1. Initiatives launched by Cogeco Peer 1 and informed by Champion’s expertise have also been used to drive news agendas in both the local and national press.

Campaign: Women in Tech

With business objectives and strategy still being agreed for Cogeco Peer 1's new financial year, the brief to Champion was 'create awareness and get us some leads.'

Champion jumped on the Women in Tech initiative, creating an integrated inbound marketing and earned media campaign, with content tailored to a specific buyer persona developed to drive quality leads. Champion used these assets across earned, shared and owned media to, not only raise awareness across the IT and business press (including BBC World news), but also, to generate marketing qualified leads, engineered by Champion’s expertise in inbound marketing and the HubSpot platform. In turn, this contributed to a 94.8 per cent month on month increase from organic leads via social, with a closed won sales opportunity directly attributed to the campaign.

Part of the team

Today among journalists Cogeco Peer 1 is a well known company as evidenced by the two thirds of share of media voice it has compared to Amazon and Rackspace. However, the relationship extends beyond garnering press coverage. Champion today is essentially part of the Cogeco Peer 1 team which today stands at approximately 700 employees.

All activities are coordinated by working closely with Cogeco Peer 1 teams whether it’s marketing or human resources. Time and again the effectiveness of these campaigns have been proven by monitoring what is typically a dramatic upswing in digital analytics and in turn the number of leads that have followed. 

Today Cogeco Peer 1 is one of the most visible companies in the global hosting landscape. It has come a long way in five short years from an invisible company without offices or revenues to an organisation that contributes millions of pounds to overall group figures. The relationship with Champion has been absolutely fundamental to this growth.

“Five years ago Cogeco Peer 1 was an unknown company in the UK with four employees and no office. Today, it has two thirds of media voice share, outstripping its major rivals Amazon and Rackspace, and produces millions in revenues.”
Tom Adams, UK Marketing Manager

“Cogeco Peer 1 owes at least three of its largest customer wins to Champion – the impact of integrated inbound & PR across the business, especially in demand generation, cannot be underestimated.”
Jamie Hancox, Marketing Consultant