PR for big-data technology businesses

PR for B2B tech brands can mean many different things. For Champion’s clients it means accelerated, quality, lead generation. We use our B2B tech PR skills specifically to earn third party endorsement for the brands we work for. This can be through broadcast media, analysts, journalists, bloggers and is normally a combination of all of these.

Beginning with B2B tech PR at the start of a campaign can provide a number of benefits. First of all, if your story stinks, or needs work, you can bet that the seasoned journalists whose livelihoods depend on drawing in readers will let us know. Once a journalist takes a story and publishes it, you have credibility, endorsement, reach and sometimes a backlink that no other marketing tactic can deliver. The journalist's interpretation of a story may reveal an angle that hasn’t been spotted. And of course the fact that you have been quoted in an article means one of your competitors hasn’t.

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Integrating with inbound marketing

The benefit of B2B tech PR when integrated with inbound marketing is that it can increase the reach of your campaign, driving more prospects into the top of your sales funnel. These are prospects who are beyond your existing databases and it is exposure that you have not had to pay for. B2B tech PR can also serve as a reminder for those who have already engaged with you, prompting them to move down the buyer journey towards you. 

The net impact is a sales funnel that wider and faster, delivering quality sales qualified leads for your sales teams to get their teeth stuck into.

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