Lead generation through inbound marketing

Driving B2B lead generation with strategic content delivery

B2B technology companies are selling to decision makers that have less time and ever more complex choices to make. They are also learning about new technologies online before they know they need them. 

As consumers of content, individuals are getting more adept at avoiding outbound marketing messages, whether pushed at them through a mobile screen, unwanted telephone call or leaflet at an exhibition stand.

The alternative, inbound marketing, is designed to allow your customers to buy from you rather than for you to sell at them. As Gold Certified Hubspot Partners, Champion is dedicated to helping B2B technology brands grow. We also have the fortune of being able to test content in an earned media environment – testing ideas and incorporating feedback from UK journalists. 

So whether you are considering inbound marketing for the first time, have begun and need some extra support, or are in full flight and want to work with a specialist consultancy that knows your sector, we can help.

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What makes inbound suitable for B2B marketers? 

Our approach follows the well-known, well documented framework of the inbound methodology, helping B2B marketers map out a content strategy to target the correct prospects at the right stage in their buyer journey.

We can help you generate engaging content, and disseminate via the correct channels, at the right time.

We work with our B2B clients to develop a bespoke inbound content strategy, and use our expertise in earned media to generate high quality traffic to push buyers through the funnel.

What is the inbound methodology?

The inbound marketing methodology is built out of four actions - attract, convert, close and delight. Each action is there to inform which content format should be utilised when pushing strangers into visitors, interacting with your business as a lead, converting into a customer and then finally championing your businesses’ service or product as a promoter.





The common mistake businesses make when producing content to attract visitors to their website, is not understanding who it is they want to attract. We work with our clients to build out a content strategy that centres around their buyer personas, and what content will be relevant and helpful to their buyer personas at the attract stage. Key content formats include blogging, social publishing, press releases and a well-optimised search engine strategy.


Now that you've attracted a visitor to your website, getting their contact info is your next goal. We again refer back to your buyer personas, and understand what call-to-action can we offer them, to entice them to exchange their details for something that is of value to them.


Marketing automation is key in building trust with the leads that you have generated. from understanding the content your buyer personas are engaging with the most. Sharing useful and relevant content nurtures your prospects, shaping them into a marketing qualified lead, ready for sales interaction.


Delighting your customers is the easiest way to generate high quality opportunities. We can help you listen to your customer base using social monitoring, and create personalised surveys to further develop your services as a business.

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