We're Champion. 

We're the public relations consultancy for B2B brands that want to sell more in the UK.

In a world that seems to have forgotten the power of PR, we stand apart. We believe that PR shouldn't be fluffy, because we've seen time and again how powerful it can be at helping B2B sales tear open doors and close deals. 

We hate fluff. But we love finding and crafting stories that make buyers more inclined to buy. So, if you're a B2B marketing leader who wants to give their sales team an unfair advantage, welcome - you're in the right place.  

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We do PR. That's it. 

But we only do PR that helps sales. That's important. It means we find ways to link everything we do to the sales targets you need to hit. 

Ambitious B2B marketers don't need generalists who claim to do everything. They need specialists who do one thing really, really well. 

And although, (unlike some of our peers), we're proud to specialise in PR. We know the value of partnering with other specialists in our little black book, or on your roster, to create campaigns that deliver tangible results.